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Want to lose weight in a short span of time? Then make detox water at home…

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New Delhi: Detox water plays a very important role in maintaining overall health and beauty as a healthy gut helps in keeping infections and diseases under control.
Lemon detox water – Lemon is very beneficial not only for weight loss but also for our skin. Adding some mint to it while making lemon detox water will improve the health of the digestive tract and help in losing weight quickly.

Cucumbers detox water – Cucumbers are rich in vitamin B, potassium, etc. It not only makes our body pain-free but it is also low in calories. Cucumber detox water is also beneficial in losing weight quickly as it is high in fibre.

Orange Detox Water- Oranges contain vitamin C, which is excellent for healthy skin. This vitamin converts fat into energy rather than stored in the body. This in turn helps in losing weight faster.

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